A poetic retelling of the current state of the Los Angeles River and California’s drought.

The folio book is realized as one continuous piece of rice paper to mirror the form of the River. The artwork, a single brush-stroke until the water and pigment run out at the book’s end, was designed to echo the themes of the writing.

The cover was sourced and repurposed from native California Doug Fir trees. Each book was a handmade and unique edition of 25.

A poetic meditation on Digital’s beloved color system, RGB collects & considers color and its associations via printed matter. RGB poses image against poetic prose in the consideration of our relationship to color and to one another. Watercolor washes, xeroxed, enlarged and finally re-scanned serve to mirror the disintegration of a romantic relationship examined in the text. The dynamism of the art is mirrored in the movement of the language and ultimately poses the question: what is left in the loss of love?